Investigation Tools

Solving the Challenges of Modern Investigations

Every modern investigation requires collecting, correlating and verifying multiple types of information, across multiple online environments. Our tools simplify this process by allowing repetitive queries and drill down on typical types of data found to speed conclusions and decisions.

  • MalNet

    Malware Artifacts
    Query, Correlate & Visualize Proofpoint ET
  • SocialNet

    Aliases & Connections
    Search & Visualize Social Media
  • OIMonitor

    Real-Time Situational Awareness
    OSINT, Deep & Dark Web Monitoring
  • AliasDB

    History of Activities
    ShadowDragon & Decade Defacement Database
  • Spotter

    IP Addresses & Identities
    Stealthily Engage Directly with Target


  • Tools to Amplify In-House Capabilities

    Our threat detection tools are designed to augment your team’s capability to collect and analyze data quickly. We help you to be independent with just the tools and training – no ongoing services or reports.

  • Born and Based in the USA

    ShadowDragon tools were born, tested and refined by our sister company Packet Ninjas, a U.S.-based cyber security consulting firm.

  • Proven in Global Investigations

    Our digital investigation tools were developed to expedite complex investigations. They are mature, reliable and designed to overcome the challenges of multi-environment and multi-technology fact finding.

  • Collect, Correlate, Verify, Repeat

    ShadowDragon tools were developed to support an investigative process where drill downs need to be repeated and distilled across multiple sources as new artifacts are discovered.

Supporting Your Process

  • Training

    Strengthen your investigative process by leveraging knowledge from our experts who have worked on long term criminal investigations using ShadowDragon tools.

  • Integration

    Use our API to integrate our tools with existing or new link analysis platforms and security orchestration tools.

  • Customization

    Speed up your online intelligence gathering by automating manual research tasks. We can customize transform sets to uniquely support your investigations.

I've been exposed to many technologies working for the CIA and the Air Force. ShadowDragon social media and online monitoring tools are the best ones that I've found to support a strong, legally defensible intelligence process.

Nic McKinley Executive Director Deliverfund

ShadowDragon was recognized for its ability to develop digital tools that simplify the complexities of modern investigations, involving online environments.

Jeevan George Managing Editor CIOReview

With ShadowDragon’s SocialNet transforms, you can graph out connections across dozens of social networks with just one click. They are a must have for any investigator or hunter. It takes a lot of the time and effort out of pivoting on personal data.

Bob McCardle EMEA Manager, Threat Research Trend Micro

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  • ProofPoint
  • Paterva
  • Atlantic Data Forensics
  • Kaseware

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